U3E's experimentation facilities and scientific consulting

The U3E experimentation unit offers tools and scientific skills for research on lentic and lotic aquatic environments:

  • The Rennes – Le Rheu aquatic experimentation facility (PEARL), part of the AnaEE-F infrastructure. It includes:
    • an experimention complex with tanks, greenhouses, indoor facilities and an array of mesocosms, at the Rennes agricultural science campus
    • a pond array at Le Rheu near Rennes
  • Three river monitoring sites with migratory fish monitoring stations. These are on the Oir, a tributary of the Sélune in the Manche département, the Scorff, a coastal river in the Morbihan département, and the Bresle in Seine-Maritime.

U3E also provides cross-cutting services that cover all these sites: a water quality monitoring service, information systems and a biological samples collecting service.


Modification date: 18 August 2023 | Publication date: 30 June 2015 | By: U3E experimentation unit for aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology