National centre for interpretation of migratory salmonid catches (CNICS)


Fishing for migratory salmonids in France is supervised by the Centre national d’interprétation des captures de salmonidés migrateurs (CNICS). Counting fishing catches and amassing knowledge of fish populations helps to secure the long-term survival of these species.

Salmon populations are at the vulnerable stage in many river catchments, so salmon fishing regulations are strict. Since 1987, it has been obligatory to report all salmon catches (currently in force is the ministerial order of 16 October 1996).
Populations of sea trout, a less vulnerable species, are being monitored scientifically but there are no special regulatory restrictions. Sea trout catch reporting was introduced in 1992, but is not obligatory.

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The catch report process

Total allowable catch

The CNICS' missions

  • Real-time monitoring of salmon and sea trout catches in freshwater reaches, by rod and line or other gear.
  • Real-time monitoring of "total allowable catches" (TAC), the salmon fishing quotas established for each river. Once the quota has been reached, a prefectural order can be issued to close the fishery temporarily or for the rest of the season.
  • Biological characterisation of catches, recording data on size, weight and age. Age is determined from sample scales.
  • Sending reports and newsletters to fishers and fishery managers.



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