The missions of U3E


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The unit's monitoring mission consists of collecting data series over several decades, managing and securing the data and making them available to the scientific communities concerned. The work for this mission mainly involves the Oir, Scorff and Bresle river monitoring sites.



Essai Germination Vieux sediments


This mission consists in carrying out the experiments required for ongoing research programmes. It is mainly organised around the Rennes – Le Rheu experimentation facility (PEARL) but can also involve the Oir, Scorff and Bresle river monitoring sites.



Salle 3


This mission involves collecting, managing and making available samples of fish tissue. Led by the CRB Colisa, this collection specifically involves the Oir, Scorff and Bresle sites. It is supplemented by samples collected at national level as part of compulsory declarations of salmon catches.


Production of model organisms

Elevage de carassins


This mission consists of developing and using techniques for breeding wild aquatic plants and animals to produce model organisms. This work is done at the PEARL facility.

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